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About Breede Gardens

Breede Gardens offers your loved ones, living with dementia, a home-like setting that encompasses everyday activities to keep their mind, spirit and body active while providing expert care, a secure and beautiful environment and valuable understanding for happy and productive living.
Our focus on each resident as a unique person, enables us to build caring and meaningful relationships between our Care Assistants, residents and their families.
Our Care Assistants provide support in activities of daily living so that life can continue as it always has with individualized adaptations to remove the stress created through illness.
Residents are encouraged to take part in a daily routine which creates normal activities including, cooking, cleaning and laundry - these assist with triggering memories of life at home.
Additional to this we partner with people that can run exercise, music, religious, social and art programmes.

"A garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy"
Luis Barragán


hat we Offer

  • A Registered Nurse on each shift to supervise care and administration of medication.
  • 24 hour security and restricted access control
  • 24 hour dedicated dementia care by dementia trained carers.
  • Options of fully, partial or self furnished rooms.
  • Spacious communal living and dining areas with a beautiful sun verandah.
  • 3 Nutritional meals daily as well as tea, coffee, juice and snacks.
  • Daily cleaning of the rooms and a laundry service
  • Beautiful landscaped multi-sensory garden
  • Invitation to families to visit and join their loved ones for lunch or dinner
  • Support for families

Where flowers bloom
so does hope
Lady Bird Johnson


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Accommodating only 9 residents Breede Gardens is a place of care and companionship for people facing the challenges of living with dementia. Families and friends are encouraged and welcome to visit as often as possible with our doors being open from 08h00 to20h00 and 24 hour telephonic contact.


Our landscaped designed garden is a peaceful place for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. It includes a way-finding path for a feeling of safety, raised flower beds for residents to manage their own garden and a variety of sensory engaging items such as a water feature.

We offer a home that has a nurse on duty 24 hours per day. Our link to partners such as Dementia SA allows us to remain current with trends in care.

Our value system of Respect, Loyalty and Compassion reminds us that our residents never forget how we treat them. Our kindness will always shine through regardless of their progression of memory loss, physical ability and other symptoms associated with their illness. Our care is always about personal attention, gentle assistance and patience.

Our residents’ lives have always included family and friends and we encourage this to continue through support of these people. A regular support group facilitated by asocial worker provides expert and encouraging care to families.

Programmes that encourage the inclusion of those not living with us at Breede Gardens allows family relationships to remain intact.

Our application process is simple. Completion of our application form and confirmation from a doctor (Psychiatrist or GP) that confirms a diagnosis of dementia.

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For more information or to book an appointment to visit us,
please contact the Residence Manager on
Telephone 067 412 8293
Email gardens@breedecare.co.za or info@breedecare.co.za

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